Hollow Crown's Most Metal BUNDLE


Hollow Crown's Most Metal BUNDLE

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Get your hands on our debut EP and our most popular T-Shirt for just £15 in this combo deal!

Put the T-Shirt on and crank the stereo up!

Free code for the HC bike in their upcoming game LFDR!

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Written & Recorded by Hollow Crown at the Legendary Rockfield Studios, then mixed by Sean Genockey and Mastered by Ed Woods. It’s a power thrash out with a few melodic moments.

Track Listing

  1. 7th Gate

  2. Hate Your Leaders

  3. Step by Step

  4. You weren’t there man

  5. White Whale

  6. Rise Up

THE T-Shirt

Designed by Mateusz Lejman & Tom Pepper the Heroic range Wolf tee is the embodiment of the crown. Featuring the HC skull wearing the skin of The Lost Wolf and the Mjolnir necklace that Tom’s brother gifted to him on his 30th birthday under the harvest moon! Charged with the energy of the spirit molecule!

Then to top it off we added to axes (cos vikings are pretty cool) and finally some wings… It’s just a pretty gnarly T-Shirt.